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What is the Meaning of "Transcend Normal" ?

To Transcend Normal, means to go beyong living a life on auto pilot; going trough the motions of everyday routines, paying the bills, doing the chores, etc. It means to find purpose, joy and mindfulness, to cultivate awareness of self and the world we live in at a deeper level, and in this way, to deepen our connection to our inner best self, our families, friends and communities. A Transcender is someone that always does their best in every situation, no matter how challenging, or how mundane. For me, practicing ballet as an adult, has been the perfect catalyst to Transcend Normal, because of the rigurous nature of the practice, and because of its beauty. Ballet combines strict self-discipline and high standards with a sense of effortless and profound elegance in every gesture. This world we live in, needs more of that.

It's adult ballet really a thing?

Definitely yes!!! In the last few years, adult ballet has been embraced by thousands of people worldwide. Now you can find at least one studio that offers adult specific classes in most large and medium sized cities worldwide. A lot of online classes are also availble. There is a lot of research being conducted on the benefits of the practice, and more and more people embrace it every day. So If you are an adult that yearns to dance ballet, trust me, you are in very good company! A few years ago, adult ballet dancers were a rarity, but this is no longer. Now we are a thriving, growing, energetic community that welcomes all with open arms.

What can I find on this website?

This website was created to be a place for the adult ballet dancer to find information, resources, and inspiration to start or continue their jjourney. TN is a living thing, constantly evolving and growing with the input from the community.Some specific things you will find here are: * Blog posts focused on the adult ballet journey. * The lastest research on Dance Psychology. * Tutorials and "how-to" type content. * Reviews and recommendations for products that could be helpful to you. * All the information for Transcend Normal Adult Ballet Classses in Columbus Georgia, currently only private lessons. * Comprehensive list of resources to other blogs, websites and any other media that focuses on the adult dancer.

Where do you offer classes and what is the schedule?

I am now offering private lessons on demand in Downtown Columbus, at the Plug and Play Namaste Studio. Please email me at if you are interested.

How old do I have to be to attend classes?

Anyone 14 yearrs old and above can attend. 14 to 18 years old must have an adult sign their paperwork. My oldest student to date is 77, and any ages in between are welcome as well as anyone older!

How can I pay for classes?

You can pay by cash, credit card or CashApp at the studio. If you want to prepay for classes, I can send a PAyPal invoice.

What should I wear to class?

You can wear workout clothes, such as leggings and a top, or traditional ballet garments, like tights and a leotard. For men, the tipical attire is black leggins and a white tank top or t shirt, but it is your choice. Avoid wearing anything extremely lose, so the teacher can see and correct your lines.

Are men allowed in your classes?

Absolutely! In my classes, we welcome men and boys. I even make sure to teach some steps that are traditionally performed by men. This might be different in other studios, but we are super inclusive and all for diversity. That applies to transgender individuals as well. Come as you are!

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes! Currently, due to COVID I am only focusing on private lessons! The rates are $60 for 1 hour and $ 90 for 90 minutes classes. Up to 3 students can split the cost and have a class together.

Do you offer online lessons or courses?

The adult Ballet Primer Course hosten on the platform can be found on the shop section, under digital courses tab!

How often should I practice adult ballet??

You will certainly benefit from even one class per week, but if you want to progress faster and see faster results, try to attend at least twice a week.

Do I need to have attended classes as a kid in order to do adult ballet?

Absolutely not! I have developped a specific technique to teach absolute beginners with no experience, so no worries there! If you do have previous experience, I have observed that if you stopped dancing less than 10 years ago, your learning curve will be faster, because you will be able to retrieve from your memories a lot of the important stuff. But this varies amongst individuals. Experience or not, practice that is consistent is what will make . you better.

Can I do adult ballet if I am  pregnant?

Yes you can! Just make sure to let the instructor know, and consult with your doctor if you have a pregnancy that is in any way sensitive. Modifications will be given for certain exercises.

Do I have to pre-register online to come to a class?

Since currently, due to COVID restrictions, only private or semy private lessons are available, you do have to pre-register for your classes. This way we can ensure proper sanitation before and after your class.

Can you perform at my event?

Yes! we offer event performances on a custom basis. If you are interestet in having ballet dancers at your event, email so we can discuss. We have a few ready to go choreographies or we can create something special for your event. The rates are $100 per hour per each dancer. We focus on classical and contemporary ballet but are also knowledeable in other styles of dance.

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Clue 1

These snowflake patterns appear on both sides of the card.

Clue 2

How many symbols appear on the front?


The snowflakes on teh front are your alphabet. Using that alphabet, you can decode the back to get the plaintext: "I am an expert in pain and I torture the truth out of folk."

Clue 3

26... like an alphabet.

Card 5 Puzzle 3.jpg

Clue 1

This is a spin on a classic.

Clue 2

Speaking of spin, notice the "rotation" reference in the message between the two ciphers.


Each "mountain" is made of up of steadily increasing rotation ciphers, starting with rotation-1 at the base and increasing by 2 with each line. The decoded plaintext reads: "I work all around the world but am largely based out of Paris and our HQ. I also recently made the acquaintance of your friend JC."

Clue 3

Find your rotation 1 and climb from there.