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Funny Pages Promo Pack

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Product Details

During the original crowdfunding campaign for Funny Pages, a set of 7 comics were created to use in the campaign and send to media and content creators to help show off the game without spoiling any of the puzzles in the core game itself. These 7 comics each contained a puzzle similar to those in the game, with each solving to give a day of the week.

After overwhelming requests from our fans to print these comics too, we created the Promo Pack so players could have these 7 pieces in the same, high-quality physical format as the rest of their game. Note that while this promotional add-on item does contain puzzles, it isn't required to solve Funny Pages and you don't need to have played Funny Pages to enjoy these standalone challenges.

Also note that these comics are use reference materials in the Funny Pages instructional manual, so some of their answers are used and explained in that guide to help teach player how to tackle Funny Pages.

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